How we work

Professionals in the field of business and psychology

Tailor made – BPI works with professionals in the field of business and psychology on an international scale. Our in-house experts and partner-network allows us to match assessment, coaching and leadership development services to your specific demands.

When you leave us your contact information, BPI will get in touch with you to discuss the nature of your request. Commonly needed are 1) job information, 2) a curriculum vitae (C.V.) and 3) specific competencies that need to be assessed or developed. BPI will then offer a tailor-made solution and timeframe.

When the offer has been accepted, we’ll get in touch with your people and get to work. Please check our terms and conditions for details.

Benefits of BPI

Working with BPI means working with professionals that help your organisation get to the next level. These benefits include:

  • Services simplified

    when operating on an international scale, searching locally takes time and can be a drag. BPI can quickly turn your request into an offer that works for you. It also eliminates any costly and unneeded parts of these services.

  • Quality assurance

    by only working with qualified and certified psychologists, coaches and trainers, and relying our select partner network in 14 European countries, we offer the highest standard in quality and guarantee continuity of service.

  • Billing centralized

    instead of keeping track of all the different accounts and companies worked with locally, BPI offers structured and centralized invoicing.

  • Trusted source

    BPI handles all requests with the utmost respect for privacy by following (inter)national privacy guidelines. For more information, find our privacy policy at the bottom of the page.

Contact us

Pricing is contingent on your request, location and cost of our in-house psychologists or assessment partners.