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5 Powerful tips to prepare you for an Assessment

Below are the five most important things to do to help you excel in an assessment

An Assessment (also called Assessment Center) can be a scary prospect. The stakes can be high if you are hoping to get that job or that promotion you were working towards. It’s no wonder that you want to do well! We here at BPI understand and applaud your motivation, so we prepared a list of five powerful tips to prepare for your assessment.

  1. Practice. And by this we mean Intelligence tests and other assignments. There are two advantages. First, you will become more comfortable with the different types of tests such as numerical, deductive & inductive reasoning tests. Second your speed will increase because you will know what to pay attention to. Getting familiar gets you better results.

  2. Research: Know the organisation inside-out, have a strong understanding of what you would be doing in this job. You can do this by going through the employer’s website, study the job description closely, read-up on any news stories involving the company and/or business sector. Pro-tip: speak to people already working there.

  3. Check Competencies: every job has specific responsibilities and it’s vital you know yours. We advise this because you can be asked to demonstrate that you meet these competencies. Come up with specific examples that match each competency. These can be drawn from work experience, studies, extra-curricular activities, etc.

  4. Look after yourself: A good rest is just as important as preparation for an assessment. Research shows that being tired impedes your performance. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the assessment. Also, in the morning take the time to get ready so you don’t arrive in a hurry and exhausted.

  5. Don’t over-/underestimate: Nerves are normal so thorough preparation will give you the best foundation for success. Trust in your own abilities is key. Conversely, don’t think too lightly about some assignments or tasks, even if you know them inside-out. You will risk being seen as brash and presumptuous.

Lastly, some casual stuff: arrive on time, be polite and friendly, be assertive but don’t dominate, and try to relax and enjoy the day. Remember; you’ve got this far. If you’ve done all the preparation you can, then there is no reason you shouldn’t excel.


Wouter van Kempen writes about assessment, coaching and personal development. He is the managing director of BPI (Business Psychology International) specialized in international assessment and coaching. BPI has representatives in over 14 European countries. You can reach us here 

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Pricing is contingent on your request, location and cost of our in-house psychologists or assessment partners.

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