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How we facilitate coaching programs that actually work (for internationals)

It has been said before (by us!) that coaching is an invaluable tool for personal and professional development. But how to integrate it in the busy life of an expat?

It is no surprise coaching is rapidly becoming more and more popular. Besides talking about personal and professional development: how do we facilitate something that works for expats?

At BPI we have the answer.

#1 – made for you

Coaching is personal. It follows that our coaching programs are centered around your needs. What are you good at? What do you feel you can be better at? What are your unknown areas of development?

  • Our solution: the BPI QuickScan (online assessment) is the easy and valid way of getting the facts. It is the perfect starting point of your coaching journey.

#2 – language

Language is a tool for intellectual and emotional expression. Research has shown that people express themselves most authentically in their native language. This is true, even if you speak another language professionally at work. Finding a coach who speaks your language when you’re an expat can be a challenge!

  • Our response: at BPI, we have coaches and psychologists who speak your language. Our platform currently offers 14 European languages. This is just one aspect of how we personalize coaching for you.

#3 – accessible

Does having an A1 location and a corporate office make for better coaching? We believe not. In fact, we believe that the best coaching is done in an informal setting. Together with the magic of modern technology.

  • How: You choose when and how. Once set-up, you can schedule online sessions with the coach yourself. No need to travel or wait for an appointment. As an example, we have one client that schedules his online coaching sessions for his walks in the forest.

#4 – connection

Coaching is not a quick fix. It is a long-term investment in yourself. An effective coach should be able to connect with you on a personal level and understand your struggles as well as your goals.

  • Experience: Our coaches come from diverse backgrounds and often have international experience themselves. Some even have been where you are now. Through their experience, our coaches empower you to evaluate your goals and illuminate the path of right action for you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule your first coaching session.


Wouter van Kempen writes about assessment, coaching and personal development. He is the managing director of BPI (Business Psychology International) specialized in international assessment and coaching. BPI has representatives in over 14 European countries. You can reach us here 

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